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Where to Find Healthcare Employment and Nursing Jobs in Canada

A Canadian health care job site will be located in the careers section of the provincial Ministry of Health or the individual regional health authority websites.

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Your Canadian job search for careers in health care can start at any of these links. Begin in the west with a BC job search and an Alberta job search. Then continue eastward across the country exploring the various healthcare employment opportunities in other provinces and territories by following these links.

The governance model of the Canadian health care system is structured for the most part under the provincial authority of regional health boards. They govern, plan, and coordinate the delivery of health care services in a specified geographic region.

Northern Canada

inukshuk -northern Canada

See the discussion of northern nursing jobs in Canada and the sites for Canadian job search in the north.

These are some of the highest paying nursing jobs in the country.

Each province is divided into regions that are called a regional health authority (or board). They will all have a website for healthcare employment in their region.

There is usually an online application process so you can submit your resume electronically and many regions have special information on their websites for internationally educated applicants.

In the more northern remote areas there may not be different health regions so applications can be made directly to the provincial government.

Here are the links to each health care job site for the 13 provinces and territories you might want to explore in your Canadian job search.

British Columbia province of BC Canada

There are 5 regional Health Authorities in BC and each one will have a health care job site with a "Careers in Health Care" page.

Start your BC job search here.

There is also a provincial health authority which has the mandate for province wide health services such as cancer treatment centers, infection control services, transplant and other services. The Provincial Health Services Authority acts in collaboration with regional districts.

They also have a careers page where nursing jobs are listed.

Alberta province of alberta canada

Here is the main Alberta job search page.

Saskatchewan province of saskatchewan canada

This link is the central place for Saskatchewan healthcare employment.

You can get access to each of the 13 provincial health authority websites from the "contact us" page where they are all linked.

Manitoba province of manitoba canada Each of the health authorities in the province of Manitoba have their own website with a careers section, listing available jobs.
Ontario province of ontario canada

Nursing Jobs in Ontario are listed at the Health Force Ontario site which provides up to date information on employment opportunities.

To gain access to the information about registered nurse jobs in Ontario you will have to register on the site.

Quebec province of quebec canada

Here is a link to the listing of the 18 Regional Health Authorities in Quebec.

Each authority will have its own website that lists opportunities for healthcare employment.

They will all be in the French language only.

New Brunswick province of new brunswick canada

The province has 2 regional health authorities.

Nova Scotia province of nova scotia canada

This province has 9 District Health Authorities but they do not have their own health care job sites.

Instead there is a central listing of careers in health care including jobs for physicians, nurses, and other allied professionals.

Prince Edward Island province of prince edward island canada

Health PEI is the single health authority for Prince Edward Island. It operates the hospitals, community health centers and nursing homes.

This province is the smallest in Canada both in land mass and population.

Health Care Careers,(external), lists the available jobs for nurses in the PEI health care system.

Newfoundland and Labrador province of newfoundland and labrador canada

A central site for jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador connects to all kinds of job opportunities including careers in health care. You can create your own profile and view the types of jobs in nursing that are available.

The Canadian health care system is regulated by a federal law called the Canada Health Act but is administered provincially. This accounts for the differences in how the job application process is structured.

Some provinces have regional or district health authorities and in the territories and provinces that have a small population base, health care employment is managed directly by the provincial government.

If you are qualified to work in healthcare, employment opportunities can be found at any of these links.

If you are interested in nursing jobs in Canada but are not ready to make an application for employment you can still look at the number and types of nursing jobs that are available.

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If you are applying for nursing jobs in Canada make sure you know how to make a good resume and that you are prepared for the interview with these job interview tips.

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