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www.registered nurse is the first nursing website by a registered nurse in Canada completely devoted to exploring and explaining the uniqueness of the nursing profession in Canada.

Thinking of entering the nursing profession?

  • Find out if there is a nursing shortage in Canada
  • Read about the role of the labor unions within the public accountability framework of unversal health care in Canada
  • A discussion of some of the challenges you might face to become a nurse in Canada if you are already a practicing nurse in another country.
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As you explore the site you will find that there are many good reasons to consider a nursing career in Canada, and there is an ongoing demand for nursing services that is expected to increase in the future as the population ages. When you enter the nursing profesion you can expect to have a variety of satisfying and challenging job opportunities throughout your nursing career.

You will also need to know how to find jobs in nursing how the Canadian health care system is organized and how to get a nursing license.

Carefully consider the many reasons why you might want to become a RN in Canada. Some of those reasons will be because of the unique nature of the nursing profession, but some of those reasons may be because of the Canadian values and beliefs that form the foundation for the Canadian way of life.

The nursing profession exists worldwide but nursing practice is always influenced by the social context of the country and the role of the RN within the country's health care system.

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The nursing profession in Canada is unique.
It deserves it's own presence on the world wide web.

Here's Why

  • the nursing profession exists within the publicly funded Canadian health care system

  • with the exception of Quebec, baccalaureate education is now the requirement across the country for entry to a registered nursing career.

  • at some point in life, every Canadian will require professional nursing services.

  • the registered nurse professional is a respected member of the health care team

  • most doctors are self-employed and not employed by hospitals. When a nurse has to "call the doctor" this literally means picking up the phone and making a phone call.

  • there are Canadian jobs in nursing available all the time. Canada has never been able to produce enough nurses to meet the demand, and a nursing shortage of 78,000 nurses was predicted for 2011. By the year 2018 the nursing shortage is expected to be so severe that there will be about 113,000 unfilled Canadian jobs in nursing.

  • the nursing profession exists within the Canadian social context of equality and rights of access to the universal health care system.

  • Canada has a federal law called the Canada Health Act that regulates how health care must be delivered.

  • a nursing career offers a wide variety of interesting and challenging jobs in nursing that exist in hospitals, communities, and the private sector.

  • the nursing profession is a diverse, multicultural population like the Canadian population itself, especially in the urban areas such as Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario.

  • jobs in the nursing profession are well paid and comparison of the payscale for a registered nurse across the country shows that parity for a registered nurse salary has been partially achieved across the country.

  • most Canadian jobs in nursing are represented by labor unions who negotiate salary and working conditions on behalf of the members.

All this information and so much more about the uniquely Canadian way of practicing as a registered nurse.

by Beverly OMalley

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